New revolutionary steering traveller by JEFA

Jefa Steering has won the prestigious DAME AWARD 2014 with the innovative steering traveller !

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Jefa Steering has developed a revolutionary traveller system for twin wheel, twin rudder sailing yachts which has no backlash and it is a huge space saver. The new Jefa traveller is free off backlash and specially made to attach cables and draglinks.
Jefa Steering has developed a new innovative traveller system for modern twin wheel, twin rudder sailing yachts. Traditionally cable systems required a wire quadrant and twin rudder boats even required twin quadrants. These (in average 50 cm diameter) quadrants take up a lot of space and due to the slanted rudders required a difficult wire routing to reach them. Experiments have been conducted to use standard deck travellers to transfer the cable movement into rudder movement, but as one canít get them without play, they distort the rudder feel every time the wheel is rotated. The new Jefa traveller is without this backlash and specially made to attach cables and draglinks. The Jefa traveller is a revolutionary steering solution for twin wheel, twin rudder boats and a huge space saver.

The Jefa steering traveller consists of a wagon with 4 rotating special shaped wheels which fit on a tube with tracks. The tracks prevent the traveller from rotating around the tube so it can only move sideways. The traveller wagon has two Ý16mm pins fitted to connect draglinks and holes with good accessibility to attach wire terminals from the pedestals. The traveller can be used for most sizes of yachts and the gearing ratio can be changed with the length of the tiller arm on the rudderstock.

Please have a look at below video showing the functioning of the JEFA steering traveller. 

Jefa steering traveller for production boats:

The Jefa steering traveller can be combined with the unique Jefa traverse solution into one part. This is an ideal solution for production boat builders as many installation hours can be avoided and no installation mistakes can be made. The traverse including the traveller is mounted as one part below deck - the pre-mounted cables are dropped in from the pedestals and attached. The draglinks are attached and ready is the complete steering installation. Clearly visible below the port pedestal is the integrated optional transmission autopilot drive unit. The installation of the autopilot drive is achieved in just a few minutes.

Jefa steering traveller for catamarans:

The Jefa steering traveller is also a very nice solution for cross-beam connections on catamarans which can't be made in a straight line. In the above steering system a straight draglink between the two rudders is not possible. Higher up in the beam it's possible to use a long cross bar. The new JEFA steering traveller now allows a light running, backlash free connection between both rudders.

detail of the steering traveler solution on a catamaran.

What makes the Jefa steering traveller unique and an absolute innovation?

  1. The for centuries used bulky steering quadrants can now be replaced by the new compact steering traveller.
  2. Revolutionary, innovative traveller system to link twin rudders on twin wheel boats.
  3. Huge space saver!
  4. Unique system to transfer cable movement into rudder movement.
  5. Free of any backlash or play.
  6. No loss of any helm feel on the steering wheel.
  7. Special usage for cross-bow connections in catamarans.
  8. Maintenance free due to the use of anodized marine grade aluminum.
  9. Large weight save compared to quadrant solutions.
  10. Price saving compared to the current quadrant solutions.
  11. To safe space and prevent damage, some production boats are delivered without the rudders mounted. The Jefa Steering traveller allows the full steering system to be installed and just the draglinks to be mounted when the rudders are mounted in the hull.