About Jefa Rudder Systems

Jefa Rudder (Jefa Marine A/S) is located in Greve near Copenhagen in Denmark and has been manufacturing rudder products since 1980. More than 55.000 rudder stocks and more than 80.000 rudder bearings have left the Jefa factory since 1980. In 1990 Jefa Marine started to make steering systems. In 2001 a separate company - Jefa Steering Systems - was founded and all the sales of steering systems was handled by this company but all sales and service efforts were handled by a combined commercial team. End of 2017 the ownership of Jefa Steering went to the Danish company BSI and the combined commercial efforts were stopped. The Jefa Marine commercial team will only handle inquiries for rudder systems, rudder bearings and spare parts. Inquiries for steering systems, service requests and spare part requirements have to go to the Jefa Steering company.
Our sales and design team would be very happy to help you in selecting the best rudder solution for your requirements. As a rudder system is an integral part of the hull, it is very important for us to receive accurate drawings of the aft end of the sailing yacht (When possible in the form of CAD drawings). This way we can guarantee a problem free installation of the Jefa rudder system in your boat.

Our staff

Louise Ross Faurschou
managing director
email: louise@jefa.com
direct phone: +45 4614 1896

 Michael Faurschou
production manager
email: michael@jefa.com 
direct phone: +45 4614 1896

Jan Faurschou
sales & service
email: jan@jefa.com
direct phone: +45 4614 1882

Thor Hermann
systems designer & sales
direct phone: +45 4614 1887
  Jeanna Ramø
 sales coordinator - order intake
email: jeanna@jefa.com
direct phone: +45 4614 1894
Jette Christiansen
bookkeeping & secretary
email: jette@jefa.com
direct phone: +45 4615 5210
Jimmy Bigum Hemmingsen
CNC programmer and operator
Saddik Shams Elden
CNC programmer and operator
Nicolai Olsen
CNC programmer and operator
Per Kalkerup Madsen
CNC operator
Casper Christiansen
CNC programmer and operator apprentice
Bjarne Klausen
rudder bearing assembly
Kim Madsen
rudder bearing assembly
Malte Gøtze Malmos
rudder bearing assembly
Kasper Kristensen
Kim Nielsen
GRP rudder blades production
Michael Ole Olsen
GRP rudder blades production
Daniel Rasmussen
GRP rudder blades production
Nick Hjørtoft
GRP rudder blades production
Torben Hansen
GRP rudder blades production
Bob 2.0
company goldfish


The Jefa Rudder Factory

The Jefa rudder factory in Greve (Copenhagen) Denmark.

Our showroom

Our showroom

rudder bearing assembly area

roller bearing stock

roller bearing stock

part of standard bottom bearing stock

part of standard top bearing stock

raw material for bearing rollers

Roller production area. More than 150.000 rollers are produced on this machine yearly

Roller production area. More than 150.000 rollers are produced on this machine yearly

rudder stock welding area

welded rudder stocks

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