Self-aligning top roller bearings type 5T000Z(S)


The left illustration shows all key dimensions of the 5TxxxZS and 5TxxxZ series self-aligning top roller bearings. The top (small) outer housing is used for bearings from 40 to 70 mm and the bottom (large) outer housing is used for bearings from 70 to 140 mm shaft diameter. Different bearing balls and roller diameters are used for each individual diameter from 40 to 140 mm in steps of 1 mm. A top ring has to be added for the vertical locking. Detailed dimensions can be found in our CAD library in the download section.
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LOAD (max)

5T040ZS - 5T049ZS

40 to 49 mm

2.7 kg

2900 kg

5T050ZS - 5T059ZS

50 to 59 mm

2.7 kg

3400 kg

5T060ZS - 5T070ZS

60 to 70 mm

2.7 kg

4200 kg

5T070Z - 5T079Z

70 to 79 mm

4.8 kg

4900 kg

5T080Z - 5T089Z

80 to 89 mm

4.8 kg

5600 kg

5T090Z - 5T099Z

90 to 99 mm

4.8 kg

6200 kg

5T100Z - 5T109Z

100 to 109 mm

4.8 kg

6800 kg

5T110Z - 5T119Z

110 to 119 mm

4.8 kg

7300 kg

5T120Z - 5T140Z

120 to 140 mm

4.8 kg

7800 kg

The applications for the 5T000ZS & 5T000Z series bearing:
The 5T000ZS bearings can be used in a rudder stock to deck angle of 0 to 25 (see above illustration) and the 5T000Z bearings in a rudder stock to deck angle of 0 to 21. The function of this bearing is similar to the 4S000Z-20 group, but the bearing is lower priced as it isn't machined out of solid aluminum, but casted to shape. The vertical locking is achieved with an additional (not included (!)) locking ring (46xxx). The deck cover is easy removable via a bayonet connection for the 5T000Z bearings and a threaded connection for the 5T000ZS bearings.

5T000Z example: