Self-aligning PETP roller bearings type 6BB

The 6BB PETP bearings are designed to be mounted in a GRP or metal tube (like our 6D bearings). Below table lists the tube inner diameter (Db) and the available shaft diameters.
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Height "H"

Code Number


30 to 45 mm


6BB080030 to 6BB080045


41 to 60 mm


6BB100041 to 6BB100060


58 to 72 mm


6BB120058 to 6BB120072


73 to 95 mm

77 6BB140073 to 6BB140095


96 to 125 mm


6BB170096 to 6BB170125


126 to 160 mm


6BB200126 to 6BB200160

The safe working load of the bearings is in direct relation with the shaft diameter. Please look on the 6T bearing page for the working load in relation to the shaft diameter.

The applications for the 6BB series bearing:
The 6BB PETP self-aligning roller bearings are designed to be mounted in a GRP or metal tube (like our 6D bearings). The bearing is made of PETP (also known as Arnite, Ertalyte, Sustodur & Ultradur), so it doesn't consist of any metals. The bearing ball can be easily dismounted out of the housing for installation safety or replacement when any damage in the future may happen. When a bearing with a flange is preferred, please choose the 6BF series.

The mounting of the 6BB series bearing:
The 6BB bearing should be mounted in the tube with Sicaflex 221 or 291 or equivalent. Two grooves are turned in the outer housing to allow a local concentration of Sicaflex. An O-ring in the bottom and top of the housing will help to keep the Sica around the bearing. We advise to cut a small hole in the tube and inject the glue. This will make sure the complete bearing is glued around. Please see the picture at the right. Click for larger view

The dismounting of the 6BB series bearing:
Click for larger view In the case of damage or any unforeseen circumstance,  the internal part of the bearing, the so called ball with rollers can easily be removed by rotating it 90 and pulling it out of the groove. The outer housing should never be removed. A light film of grease should be between the ball and housing. No grease is allowed inside the bearing, between the rollers.