Jefa GRP tiller

The Jefa GRP tiller is a light weight high quality tiller solution. It's produced in vacuum with a foam core for ultimate strength and low weight ( 1.75 kgs) and finished with a sun resistant black paint. The total length is 110 cm, the oval hand grip is 30 x 40 mm and the tiller head end is 62 x 45 mm. A flat spot is prepared for the attachment of a tiller extension. CAD data can be found on this direct link to our Cad library.
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The GRP tiller fits into the 62 mm wide Jefa tiller heads (for shafts from 25 mm to 40 mm). Visible in this picture is the tiller head for stainless shafts with a brass block and the 40 mm top bearing 5T040STP with integral stops.
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Jefa GRP tiller

Part No.



Tiller in GRP, black painted, 1000mm long

XP33 with Jefa GRP tiller and tiller extension

detail showing the oval grip and area for the tiller extension

GRP tiller including tiller head