Jefa Autopilot Drive Units

General questions and answers on which autopilot to choose
Linear drive autopilot drive units (20' to 45')
(to combine with all mechanical steering systems)
Direct drive autopilot drive units (30' to 70')
(to combine with all mechanical steering systems)
Transmission drive units (30' to 95')
(to combine with transmission steering systems)
Sprocket drive units (30' to 75')
(to combine with cable steering systems)
Autopilot tiller levers


"I chose the Jefa drive because it was supposed to be superior - significantly lighter, using less energy and providing more power - to the Raymarine or other comparable drives. I have used the Jefa drive for the Transat 6.50 2011 edition (on of the toughest editions since 1999) under the most demanding circumstances; surfing down big waves in 35 knots of wind doing 15 knots of boat speed! Together with the NKE pilot it has worked like a dream. During the 28 days and the whole racing season before the Transat it has never given any problems! For me the drive has totally proven its potential and reliability! "
Lucas Schroder - 10th in Transat 6.50 2011, 7th in Transat 6.50 2007
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"For me the Jefa linear drive is the ideal autopilot drive compared to the hydraulic NKE drive unit. I had no problems during whole Transat. So for me it's the ideal equipment on board of mini. Also the energy consumption is low. Not as low as the Raymarine 4000 tiller pilot but despite it is very fine." (JEFA comment: this is due to the internal clutch which takes 0.7 amps. A tiller pilot doesn't have a clutch).
"I can just recommend others in future."
Milan Kolacek - 12th in Transat 6.50 2011.
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"The Jefa drive was a great opportunity to improve the performance of my boat downwind with strong wind and that is exactly what happened during the last Transat. The Jefa drive has more force than the other rams and this allows to use a smaller arm on the rudders and increase the sensibility at the helm. The NKE pilot needs a small modification to work with the Jefa drive, but after that the system works perfectly."
Andrea Caracci - 4th time to participate in the Transat 6.50 -  unfortunately broke his mast in the 2011 Transat.
"In 2007 I fitted a Jefa sprocket drive to my 52' Chris White trimaran and set sail. The Jefa autopilot drive has up until now steered my boat for more than 50.000 miles and more than 10.000 operating hours and I am very happy with the way it has steered my boat for all these miles. The average power consumption has been less than 2 Amps per hour which I could generate for 90% with solar panels.
Henk de Velde - Dutch seafarer. Especially known for his long solo-voyages around the world. See for more info.